How to stand out of the crowd in Chinese market

Helping Moser Mohr with introducing a new wine brand to Chinese market
Client:Moser Mohr Services:Branding & Graphic Design

About Moser Mohr

A wine producer not believing in conformity. Moser Mohr is spreading the word about the finest Austrian wines from the Pannonia region.

Panno Panno poster proposals
We’ve accepted the challenge to create a big impact without any real budget to invest into marketing activities in China.
Bottle designs of all red, white and pink wines

Our Approach

It takes a modern, slick design to distinguish a bottle of fine wine from all other imported wines. the story behind Panno Panno is simple: eye-catcher paired with a funny interaction joke. Every bottle tells the customer to distinguish themselves, and to enjoy the fruit of their labor the way they want.

It’s really simple and visually attractive. Panno Panno is a natural eye-catcher. Picking it up and tilting it the right way brings out the everyday smile. Positive emotions create bonds. Bonds create memories. Memories connect us through time and space. Prost!

During our design process we considered a lot of different alternatives.