NOW with more culture than a regular yoghurt!

We’re BOLD. Our work starts where others end; we don’t stop until we’re pleased with its results. Fun and full of crazy ideas, we're challenging everything only to come up with the best ideas for brands we believe in. Well, that’s US.

Hellephant annual lettering session.
At Hellephant, even pastry must have matching colours!
Physical review of a digital design.
Erik Kessels advised us to stay angry. So we did.

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Corporate or non-corporate, a nerf gun has to be in every office!

Side projects

Side projects are helping us to retain our creativity and bring our most personal ideas to life. Each of us have had a personal project over the years. Our passion projects are both physical and digital and they show a true dedication to creativity and the evolution in what we do.

A photo of, iPhone amplifier.

Meet the team

A chieftain, a strategist, a copywriter, a designer, a producer, a director of photography and two front-end developers walk into a bar…

Gianni Strategist Gianni, Strategist Gianni, Strategist
Maros Chieftain Maros, Chieftain Maros, Chieftain
Michal Copywriter Michal, Copywriter Michal, Copywriter
Martin Designer Martin, Designer Martin, Designer
David Developer David, Developer David, Developer
Lydia Producer Lydia, Producer Lydia, Producer
Lubo Hardware Developer Lubo, Hardware Developer Lubo, Hardware Developer
Robert Director of Photography Robert, Director of Photography Robert, Director of Photography
Jakub Developer Jakub, Developer Jakub, Developer
Peter Illustrator Peter, Illustrator Peter, Illustrator
Pavol Developer Pavol, Developer Pavol, Developer
Dominik Developer Dominik, Developer Dominik, Developer

…the bartender says, “Sorry, we don’t serve your type in here.” To which the team replies: “Yeah, go to Hellvetica.”