How to get your flight compensation with no fuss

Helping AirHelp with their new visual style and iconography.
Client:AirHelp Services:Branding, Graphic Design, Front-end Development

About AirHelp

A startup who believes that air passenger rights weren’t made for airlines to interpret on a whim. Focused on holding the airlines to their financial obligations.

AirHelp's redesigned website
We've accepted the challenge to apply a brand new visual style into the existing website.
AirHelp website design guidelines

Our Approach

Redesigning AirHelp’s partners page, we’ve noticed several design and UX inconsistencies. Pointing them out, we’ve approached other subpages with a task to fix it. Meanwhile, we’ve given life to a distinctive custom illustrated iconography. All things considered, we've pushed AirHelp’s visual style one step forward.

Inspecting CTA buttons, we've created a set of guidelines to help distinguish them. We designed it to be super simple and easy to follow so that there won’t be any more inconsistencies or visual misunderstandings.

Illustrations we created for AirHelp
Airplane illustration

Mission Completed.

We’ve done a major redesigning with UX tweaks and in-depth look at the brand’s iconography. Well worth it, if you ask us.